Anti-theft hanger trouser natural with non slip bar

Natural anti-theft trouser hanger with non slip bar

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Natural anti-theft trouser hanger with non slip bar
Silver accessory
Product Dimension: 44.6cm


  • Used in hotels and lodges, the anti-theft hangers reduces losses due to theft. You can provide your guests with quality hangers, yet stop the theft of your hangers and help keep costs down.
  • Our plastic anti-theft hangers are robust to last long .
  • The Wooden Anti-Theft Hanger features a non-slip bar. In addition, our Wooden Anti-Theft Hangers work with new or existing installations. The oval hook of the Wooden Anti-Theft Hanger fits most standard hanger rails.
  • These molded wooden anti-theft hangers are designed to mimic “shoulders”, allowing your blouses, shirts, dresses, and jackets to hang correctly in your closet.
  • The shape of these hangers is designed to protect your clothing from the damage that wire hangers don’t — preventing “pooch” marks in your shoulders.