Lava – Main Plate – 28Cm

LUZERNE  Lava main plate 28cm

FULLY VITRIFIED:                              Low water absorption  rates and excellent thermal shock resistance.

SCRATCH RESISTANT:                      Homogenous, tough glaze enhances resistance to scratching.

HARDWEARING:                                 New bone is stronger and more durable than Bone china.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  Clay is derived from natural resources and does not contain any animal bone ash.

HEAT RETENTIVE:                               High firing temperatures provide excellent heat retention properties.

APPLIANCE SUITABILITTY:               Microwave and dishwasher safe

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THE LUZERNE NEW BONE RANGE Is a Global brand and is the result of a joint venture between one of Singapore’s most established ceramic businesses and one of Japan’s most  revered  name in ceramic manufacture .

The Luzerne product is the embodiment of quality, style and refinement, gracing many upmarket and exclusive establishments around the world. Individual pieces are lightweight and translucent, whilst offering the strength required of a genuine catering range.