Vegetable cutter Fimar with 5 blades


Power: 0.37kW

Voltage: 230V

Dimensions: 220 x 610 x 520mm.

Weight: 23Kg



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The ideal machine to slice, dice or grate vegetables or fruit, chips and cheese required for low volume operations.

Also ideal for small pizzerias and restaurants. Perfect results for toppings and salads.

Comes with a choice of any 5 of the following blades:-

Slicing 2mm(E2), 3mm (E3) , 10mm (E10)

Serrated Slice 5mm

Chipper 10mm (B10)

Cubing 10mm(D10)

Julienne 6mm (H6), 8mm (H8)

Grating 3mm (Z3), 4mm (Z4), (7mm (Z7)